Sunday, July 13, 2008

No More Creative ADD

Well, I decided the other day that I was going to turn a new leaf. I will no longer be ranting and raving about useless junk and trying to refocus my efforts on more positive pursuits. I have created a new blog called My Re-envisioned Vision. It's just a place where I can talk about the positive things going on in life and I will have a running list of inspiring blogs and things. There will likely be less focus on work and the not so good things happening in my life. So, if you will, please join me at


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cute New Hair Do.

Thank god dance class is done, we could finally cut Stella's hair. I was soooooo tired of the "little girl" look she had going and wanted something only slightly more sophisticated to suit her face better. Here are pics, sorry no before, only after shots. Now tonight we start Acrobats, but only for the month of July, it's something she's always talked about wanting to do, so I figured why not for only $30.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Really Impressed and Other Disasters.

Let's see, how was the Shop Hop Bus Tour??? Well, personally for me, I was greatly disappointed and if I had had to pay for any of it, I would have felt gypped. My first store was Scrappy Chic, which I love, but because I didn't know what to expect with the other stores, I didn't buy anything there, but I WISH I HAD! They always have what I want and the other stores did not to say the least. We did a really cool make and take there that was one of those framed glass necklaces, actually we did 2 of them and I was impressed that the make n takes in general were not cheap and not well thought out. So, as we were leaving it was pouring. My friend and I hopped on the bus and sat in the very back row. BIG MISTAKE!! I sat in the middle in the back row and I could see the road ahead of us and not to mention because of the rain, I had two leaks behind me one on each shoulder blade and one in front of me between my legs. My only consolation was that the rain did eventually stop, but not before the bus driver almost killed us and began fish tailing on the expressway due to a suddenly stopped vehicle. Next it was on to "Scrapbookers Inc." I'm not sure where it was exactly, but I think White Lake somewhere. It was a nice store, but because they were in the process of moving, they hardly had anything in stock, NOT COOL! The make n take was nice, a clip board that you hang with a ribbon and we stamped and embossed on it. It is pretty and I have it hanging in my hallway. Next we ate lunch, which was delicious and one of the only redeeming qualities of the whole trip and then it was on our way to "Maggie's Scrapbooking." Honestly, I don't remember where that one was. Here shop looked good when you first walked in, modern with lot's of room and a decent sized crop space, but she didn't have anything new, not even the new Making Memories stuff, which I thought was almost pretty standard in most stores, guess I was wrong. We made an ok plastic purse thing that we used glue and glitter on. Have you heard the saying that "Glitter is the STD of craft supplies?" You know it's true, once you get it on you, it takes forever to get rid of. Then finally, as we are running tremendously late, we head to fricking Sterling Heights to "Scrapbookers Emporium." Snooze fest and horribly ugly and long and boring make n take, I won't even describe it to you as I will spare you the U-G-L-Y details. We got there at about 4:45 and we were supposed to be back in Livonia at 5pm?!?!?!?! I had to be back home at least by 5:45 to get Stella ready for her Dance Recital, so I knew I was screwed and the other ladies didn't hesitate to tell me the same. We left that store at around 5:30, luckily and I was dropped off by my friend at 6:45 at the venue for the recital. I was so happy to see Stella there looking beautiful in her bun, kitty ears, makeup and kitty kat whisker face, which I was informed by my 4 year old that it was done in MARKER!?!?!? Luckily once I talked to daddy, he informed me that it was washable marker. MEN! Also, just before they were due to line up to go on stage she informed me that not only did she have to go potty, but she had to go #2, why now??? Well, everything went off without a hitch and in the end I bought her a rose to boot. The next morning when talking to her grandma on the phone who did not attend the recital, she told her that she "got a flower because she WON the dress rehearsal." I had to keep from laughing out loud as she was completely serious. My MIL told me that I did the right thing by getting her that little pink rose, because it was all she could talk about the morning of the recital.

Well, bed time for her that night was delayed by about 2 hours and we didn't even stay past the intermission, but the next day, she was just in a rotten mood by about 4pm and by 7pm we had had it, her screaming and whining at the drop of a hat was not what we could handle after such a long weekend. But, what made me really sad was that in the midst of struggling to get her ready for bed, teeth brushed and pj's on, she questioned if I loved her. What? Was this really something that was ever in doubt? Do brand new 4 year olds actually ask their parents if they love them? Did I do something horribly wrong? Have I failed at something? Tell me, have you ever been asked this by someone so young?

After all the good this weekend, I only hold tight right now to that one thought that lingered in my babies heart, "Momma, don't you love me?"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

13 Weeks Along

So, I am officially 13 weeks, and today was the first day where I didn't feel like puking my guts out after eating absolutely anything. YEAH ME!! So I've been really busy lately, just working and living and trying to be creative in some way each day, not always succeeding. You know, I just realized I us the "so," in my sentences alot, sorry, I'll try to avoid that. This Saturday should be pretty exciting as I am busy all day quite literally. Starting at 9:30am, my friend Julie is picking me up and we're heading to Scrappy Chic in Livonia to go on there store shop tour. I was asked to create the logo for this event and so was able to pay for 2 seats on the bus for both Julie and myself and we are both excited. 4 stores in one day, a ride on one of those luxury bus things, lunch, make and takes and special discounts at each store only for us. Then as soon as I get back, I need to get right home and get Stella ready for her first dance recital. We are due to arrive back at Scrappy Chic by 5pm and I need to get Stella to the venue by 7pm. That means bathed, hair done, makeup, costume, grab the shoes that are now WAY too tight and make sure my parents are ready to go as well. Oh yeah, fit some food in there at some point. But, Sunday, I will chill out and relax, hopefully it won't rain. Yeah right!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow! Scrapbooked Again.

I entered a challenge at a LSS and here is what I did. The idea was to do a layout about a dad in your life and I had to use at least 2 Doodlebug products. I'm not really a fan of Doodlebug, so this challenge was sort of difficult, just to find those couple products, but I did, and I even like what I came up with. The title is "Dad Arms" and it reads: A father is only a man, but when his arms and strength are needed, he becomes a cuddly super hero. It was just a nice little exercise seeing as I haven't had a moment for myself in the last few months and I suspect that this will continue for about the next hmmmmmmmmm,..... 18 YEARS OR SO! But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Much To Talk About.

So, my little baby turned 4 yesterday and she's becoming so mature. Dressing herself, playing well independently, even closing here door when she needs to "be alone." How does this happen so fast, it seems like just yesterday this is what she looked like.

Now, here she is right after all her guests left her party on Saturday night.

Well, just to update everyone on the Posh Picnic kit, while it has not been as successful as we hoped, we believe it is due to a lack of info in the industry on just how to use digital scarpbooking supplies. We are working with Tricia from Cocoa Daisy to try different avenues on how to get the word out for people that are interested in our work, but just aren't sure how to wrap their minds around it.

On a different note, I've actually lined up a project for myself to create a First Year photo Album for a baby shower for a young girl a couple houses down who's having a baby that's due September 9th. When I first had learned that Mandy was pregnant at 19 with no husband, I was a little put off and quite honestly sort of mad. I mean, Matt and I have always done everything "by the book" "like we're supposed to" and yet somehow we don't always get the results we're expecting, so hearing that a teenager was about to be an unwed mother, was a little upsetting. But, after 14 months of trying, luckily we are now happily expecting.

Here is our first shot of baby #2. I've drawn around the shape for those of you who find ultrasounds confusing, because lord knows I used to feel the same way about them.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Real Deal Now

Here is our actual preview for our first ever digital collaboration kit at and Mars and I are so very excited to have it go on sale June 1st, so please at least stop in the Cocoa Daisy shop to see it right there in all it's glory. Posh Picnic will be available for purchase for $9.75 and instant download and contains well over 200 pieces including but not limited to gorgeous patterned papers, 3 fabulous alphabets created by yours truly, quick pages, digital clipping masks, and a whole score of ribbons. Just check it out, the preview contains so much, but not quite everything, I could never have put everything in it. Let me know what you think of it. Plus, Mars created this way cool hybrid project where you can use our awesome digital papers to assemble fun cocktail beverage parasols. So cute! It should be a must for your next mixer involving alcohol or a a fun summer kids birthday party.